The act of intentionally throwing cargo overboard e.g. with the objective of lightening a vessel, which has run aground, such for the common good of all interests: vessel, crew and remaining cargo.


A mole or breakwater, running out into the sea to protect harbours or coasts. It is sometimes used as a landing-pier.


Projecting arm of a crane .Attachment connected to the top of a crane boom


That work which is undertaken to meet a customer or production order and, for production control purposes, has a unique identification.

Joint Venture

A joint activity of two or more companies usually performed under a common name.


A voyage from one place, port or country to another one, in case of a round trip, to the same one.


Juridical decisions used for explanation and meaning of law.

Just In Time

Abbreviation: JIT The movement of material/goods at the necessary place at the necessary time. The implication is that each operation is closely synchronised with the subsequent ones to make that possible. A method of inventory control that brings stock into the production process, warehouse or to the customer just in time to be used, thus reducing stock piling.


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